About Me

Name: Vivek (Vick) Khera, Ph.D.

Wife: Adya V. Maniyar

Kids: 3 girls: ages 18, 17, and 13

Car: 2015 BMW 335i Sedan

Education: I am a graduated gradual student from the Computer Science Department of Duke University where I received my Ph.D. in 1994. My dissertation project was evaluating performance problems in NUMA shared memory multiprocessors. I received my BS in 1988 from the University of Maryland, College Park, and my High School diploma in 1985 from Richard Montgomery High School, in Rockville, MD.

Work: Currently, I build and operate the MoreBusiness web site using lots of (mostly) freely available technology. I'm also available for consulting on PostgreSQL databases, web site product design, and project development workflow and automation tools (Jira, Confluence). I'm also available for consulting work: See my credentials on LinkedIn.

Play: I tend to spend all of my free time playing with my daughters and wife.  I work out at a CrossFit gym a couple of times a week.  I enthusiastically recommend CrossFit to push yourself to your physical limits and have fun with great people at the same time.

Feel free to send me mail at vivek@khera.org. I make use of GPG for secure communications. Here is my GPG public key. My personal mail is filtered by Google, so try not to make it look like junk mail!