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Siruis Radio

·1 min

I got a Sirius satellite radio for my wife a couple of weeks ago and signed her up for the pay per month plan. I was preparing the $30 rebate form, and it says that I need to sign up for the 3-month plan to get it. Ok, I figured, I’ll just go to the website and sign in and update the plan…

After about 10 minutes of searching, deep in the FAQ, I find that to change plans or to get any kind of service on my account, I need to call them up. You gotta wonder in this day why they can’t automate this kind of thing, given that to sign up you do it online already.

Which brings me to another strange thing about Sirius: Why do they need to charge $10 to activate the service via the web? It costs them nothing to do it. The telephone-based signup is $15, basically implying to me that their service rep time is only worth $5, which seems unlikely. The net-based registration for the service should just be free!

I must say, though, that after a couple of weeks riding around in my wife’s car, I really miss that radio in mine – almost enough to go get another for myself.