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My GnuPG Public Key

I accept email encrypted using GnuPG to vivek@khera.org or khera@kciLink.com. You can download my key (with a bunch of signatures attached to prove I am who I say I am) on the public PGP key servers.

If you want to exchange signatures and are in my area (Rockville/Gaithersburg Maryland) please use the Biglumber key exchange service.

The fingerprint of my key is:

pub   1024D/6CDFFE49 1999-05-14
      Key fingerprint = D507 3C9A 8D45 080E 06FB  B007 066B 19DE 6CDF FE49
uid                  Vivek Khera <vivek@khera.org>
uid                  Vivek Khera <khera@kciLink.com>
uid                  Vivek Khera <vivek@mailermailer.com>
sub   1024g/CC9043D0 1999-05-14